Spiritfarer – Alpha Demo

Spiritfarer is a beautifully animated 2D adventure where you explore new lands and manage a small seafaring community full of spirit friends who you guide into the afterlife.

In Spiritfarer you are essentially a much friendlier version of Charon (the ferryman of Hades), as you ferry the deceased across mystical seas into the afterlife. The spirits take on the form of friendly anthropomorphic animals who take up residence on your large ferry until it’s time to pass on. You can chat to them, build homes for them, feed them and even hug them, and you’llSpiritfarer travel to certain places and complete certain objectives to help them pass into the afterlife.

The Spiritfarer demo build features around 30 minutes of gameplay (with the full game expected to contain around 30 hours worth) and serves as a good introduction to the characters and the unique blend of management and 2D platforming adventure gameplay. It’s a very pleasant and cozy experience, with lots of charming characters to chat to and some exceptionally beautiful artwork and animation. As well as the main story, which involves you helping a snake spirit pass on, there’s lots of other things to do, including fishing, farming, cooking, trading, building new structures on your ferry, exploring new lands and plotting your course through the mystical waters of the afterlife.

It’s shaping up to be a wonderful game with a great blend of game styles, gorgeous artwork and a very unique premise. A delightful experience that gives you a warm feeling as you befriend and aid your spirit animal companions on their final journey. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Spiritfarer Alpha Demo Here (Only Available Until Tomorrow)