Spiritway to the Lighthouse – Student Game Download

Spiritway to the Lighthouse is a beautiful narrative-driven first person seafaring adventure where a lonely old seadog sails stormy seas and chases ghost ships as he embarks on one final journey.

Created by a group of students at CNAM-ENJMIN, Spiritway to the Lighthouse follows the journey of an old fisherman who sets out on one last journey into the Celtic Sea. He’s searching for a sea legend – a mysterious lighthouse that guides the way to an afterlife beyond the clouds.

Spiritway to the Lighthouse is played in first person, with you able to walk around your ship and take command of the wheel to pilot it. The seas are stormy, tha air is foggy and the light from the lighthouse isn’t always visible, but the ghosts of previous ships help guide the way. If you do run into an obstacle then you’ll damage your ship, but you can stop and repair it at any time.

It’s a magical little game that has a real sense of awe and wonder as you go on your last voyage. The art design is superb and although the journey is perilous, you always feel safe in your little boat as it ferries you to your final destination. Highly recommended.

Note: Control Pad Recommended

Download Spiritway to the Lighthouse Here (Windows)