Splasher – Alpha Demo


We first featured Splasher in May last year and found it to be a fun mix of Super Mario Sunshine, Super Meat Boy and the painty bits from Portal.

Splasher has come along leaps and bounds since the (still impressive) early prototype, with the game word fully fleshed out with vibrant visuals and cartoony animation.  You play a nimble little saboteur who sprays water to activate mechanisms and sprays surfaces with special paints which aid your journey.

Critically, for a game of this type, the platforming is very tight, with your little splasher capable of Meat Boy feats of agility.  The paints are also a great touch, coating surfaces and allowing you to stick to walls and roofs, or bounce high in the air. They allow for some inventive level design that will test your problem solving skills as well as your reflexes.

Even in the alpha stages of development, Splasher is a very accomplished platformer, with tight controls, inventive level design, beautiful visuals and a high level of polish.  It’s a wonderful platformer that already feels a little bit special – splashtastic.

Download the Alpha Demo HERE