Splitgate: Arena Warfare – Open Beta

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is now in open Beta so everybody can jump in for some Halo meets Portal multiplayer arena FPS fun!

As we mentioned during the closed Beta, Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a Halo-esque Sci-Fi multiplayer arena first person shooter where each player enters the match with a wrist mounted Portal gun. The portals work pretty much exactly as they do in Valve’s Portal games, with you able to fire different colored ones using the Q and E keys, which you can then use to get the drop on your opponents in various ways – such as you travelling through the portals, shooting opponents through them or even opening up a portal below your opponent and making them fall through them.

It’s a great game that adds a whole new dimension to the arena shooter and adds a lot of new tactical options. The Beta is live over the weekend until the 6th of May so jump in now to check out a true evolution of the arena shooter.

Download The Splitgate: Arena Warfare Open Beta Here (Steam)