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splitter critters

Splitter Critters is a marvellous free-form puzzler in which you can slice through any section of the game world then slide the two sections along to dramatically alter the layout and help your Lemmings-esque aliens reach their mothership.

Your aim in each level is to guide your rabble of cute little aliens back to their mothership. Different colored aliens have different attributes, but on the whole they just aimlessly walk back and forth waiting for your assistance (much like a Lemming AI). So if the aliens won’t go to the mothership, the mothership must come to the aliens (or somewhere in-between). It’s up to you to slice and move the world as you see fit, circumventing any obstacles and enemies as your aliens plod along to the ship.

We’ve come across a few games that have allowed you to move sections of the map previously, but it was always pre-defined sections that you could move around in a pre-defined manner. Splitter Critters actually allows you to slice through any section of the world, at any angle, then slide it around as you see fit. It allows for some wonderfully open ended puzzle design, and allows players to tackle levels in a variety of different ways. It’s a remarkable puzzler that’s a joy to play – any way you slice it!

Check Out a Splitter Critters Gameplay Video here

Download or Play Splitter Critters Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)