Spoiled Eggburt – Game Jam Build Download


Spoiled Eggburt, a creepy room escape made for the Asylum Jam 2016, has you attempting to survive and break out of a film by listening to the people who are watching it.

You are stuck inside a film that Eggburt is watching. Eggburt is a snobby film lover that is trying to watch his favorite horror flick with someone he cares deeply about – Bertha. The only thing is, the film’s storyline is not how he remembered it. You are creating that story line by trying to escape the room. As you attempt to escape, many things can go wrong – monsters can get to you, you can forget to do an action or miss something, each time resulting in death. If you die, Eggburt rewinds the film and tries to remember your mistake so that the film will return to how he remembered it. Sometimes you need to die in order to get directions from Eggburt to continue.

As you figure out what is going on and the strangeness of this environment, you will find more things to interact with, even if they don’t make sense. As you make it out of this room, more can be discovered, which may even come to be a surprise to Eggburt.  See if you can escape this clever little creepy film and Eggburt’s commentary!

Download or Play Spoiled Eggburt Here (Browser & Win)