Spooky Boi Advance – Game Jam Build Download

Spooky Boi Advance is a tense little multitasking WarioWare inspired horror game where you play microgames on your Game Boy-esque console while keeping an eye out for a monster that’s trying to sneak up on you.

Created for Scream Jam 2021, in Spooky Boi Advance you find yourself in your bedroom playing a spooky WarioWare style game on your “Spooky Boi Advance”. There are 10 games in total and they’re fairly easy to figure out, but you also have another problem to deal with – a freaky monster that keeps trying to get you!

You need to finish 30 levels of your game on your Spooky Boi Advance while keeping the monster at bay. If you listen carefully then you can hear the monster creeping up on you and if you press the right button you can shine a flashlight to scare it away. However, the games don’t pause when you do this and if there is no monster there then you’ll lose some of your battery (life).

It could do with a little balancing as the monster tends to pop up a little too often at the moment (so it becomes an irritation rather than a scare), but it’s fun little horror game with some excellent artwork and a nice mixture of microgames. A nice little mixture of retro chair and freaky frights.

Download Spooky Boi Advance Here (Windows & Mac)