Spooky Chase – Alpha Demo

Spooky Chase is a very tricky 2D platformer where the enemies are previous recordings of yourself!

In Spooky Chase you control a character who must collect a series of flags placed randomly around small levels. While this may seem easy (and it is initially), each time you collect a flag an enemy appears that takes the exact route you just did. This means that by the time you’ve collected eight flags then there are eight previous recordings of you running about the screen and avoiding them gets very tricky. You can jump on their heads to kill them, but if any of them hit you then it’s game over.

The Spooky Chase demo features two normal levels and two bonus levels, along with a nice variety of unlockable characters (including one that looks a lot like Cartman). It’s a challenging and addictive game that requires a little planning and a good memory as you try and avoid your previous runs. The pixel art animation has a lot of charm and the bonus levels add a welcome bit of variety. See is you can outsmart and outrun yourself in this spooky little platformer!

Download The Spooky Chase Alpha Demo Here (Steam)