Spooky Ghost Wheel Town – GameJam Build Download

spooky ghost wheel town

Spooky Ghost Wheel Town, a game made for the Ghost Wheel? Jam, puts you in an abandoned amusement park, looking to destroy ghosts that haunt the area.

This simple but addictive game has the player, a charming skeleton, jumping on top of ghosts to collect enough money to pay off the grim reaper. Where better to find ghosts then by the ferris wheel at an abandoned amusement park? This game may sound super easy, but the ghosts have a way of flying around you and bumping in to the skeleton. When this happens, a large amount of the money that you have already collected falls out of your bones and onto the floor. You must then go back and collect what you have dropped. After getting hit three times, your bones cannot take the jostling any longer, and you must restart.

There is also this big ferris wheel in the center of the screen to be taken into account. If you jump on this wheel, it starts turning towards where you jumped, lowering you towards the ground. This makes it hard to stay on the wheel and destroy the ghosts. It can also help when it comes to standing on a still platform, but using the ferris wheel to get some height to jump on ghosts that appear higher up. After you are able to collect 100 dollars, a grim reaper appears. You can choose to go over and pay him, or continue to kill little ghosts!

Spooky Ghost Wheel Town comes in a bundle of all 9 games from the jam. These include:

ghost wheel jam

Invasion, another good looking game in this bundle, is about avoiding pacman like enemies while controlling a ghost. This ghost can shoot at small pacmans but must avoid bigger ones. The longer you survive on this side scroller, the better your score becomes.

A Walk in the Rain, which is a peaceful ‘interactive screensaver’ that has the player walking around in a mystical, color changing, world that is full of rain.

AGPPBP (A Ghost Porno Page by Page) is a quirky game that shows a short story of a ghost who fell in love, on what looks to be a eBook on a phone. There is also a lantern to interact with and move around. The strange music and weird environment is quite amusing.

Carnighoul has you defending a ferris wheel that is being destroyed by enemies that are coming to break off the baskets. You can only move along the big wheel, making this game challenging.

Ghost, a game where you must scare children by turning out or flickering lights, has you charging up your psychic power and avoiding lights, as everyone knows ghosts die in the light.

This bundle, completely packed with stunning games, is definitely worth checking out.

Check out a video of me playing all of the games HERE

Download all 9 games from the Ghost Wheel? Jam HERE