Spooky Remanence – Game Jam Build Download

spooky remenance

Spooky Remanence, a game made for the Perma-Death Jam, has you using the past lives of your hero to retrieve a hat for the king!

That is right, the king has lost his hat! As one of the king’s loyal subjects, you must embark on a fast paced, rage-inducing journey through a dungeon to retrieve it. Rushing through this sketchy looking dungeon, you must push buttons, avoid spikes, and even fight monsters on your way to the hat.

You get 20 lives, some of which will need to be sacrificed to help you advance. As the ghosts of your previous runs aid you to overcome obstacles and hazards.  For example, as you play for the first time, the monster kill you. As ghosts of past heroes make it to the monster however, it becomes easier and easier to kill.

This game is super hard, with many, many traps to trip you up. Even with 19 other ghost heros following you, it is hard to get the kings hat.  It’s an interesting concept, with you effectively working co-operatively with past versions of yourself to conquer the dungeon and reclaim that hat!

Download Spooky Remanence HERE (Win Only)