Spring Cleaning – Game Jam Build

Spring Cleaning is a creepy little 1-bit styled psychological horror game where you really put your heart into doing a list of household chores as you overcome your grief and face your demons.

In Spring Cleaning you control a hand using your mouse and use it to carry out a list of spring cleaning chores – clean out a drawer, sort and box some items, dust some photos and clean the windows. The tasks are fairly simple and initially seem quite ordinary, but it’s not long before you realise the significance of them and what the demons that try to prevent you from doing them represent.

Taking around five minutes to play through (or 10 if you’re looking for the second ending), Spring Cleaning is a well crafted little horror game with some great retro styled artwork, an interesting narrative and a creepy atmosphere. It’s a clever bit of storytelling that trusts in the player to piece together what’s really going on, rather than spelling it out. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Spring Cleaning Here (Browser)