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Spring Comes Armed game

Spring Comes Armed is a short and intense first person shooter in which you use butterflies and flowers to battle snowmen and huge bosses in your quest to banish Winter and bring around Spring.

Created for the Spring #UE4Jam, Spring Comes Armed offers non-stop run and gun action from start to finish as you traverse it’s stylish low poly landscape populated with swarms of snowmen and deadly bosses. Drawing inspiration from Slavic Pagan rituals, you play Vesna the Incarnation of Spring who must defeat Morana, the Godess of Winter, to drive back the frost and bring about winter.

Firing butterflies and flowers at snowmen may sound like a cutesy lighthearted game premise but the gameplay offers 100% hardcore run and gun action that never lets up. Snowmen minions attack from all directions and the bosses can ice you in seconds if you you’re not careful. It’s tough, but lots of fun and well with checking out for for some slick, stylish and super intense snow-filled carnage.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of Spring Comes Around Here

Download Spring Comes Armed Here or via Direct Download Here (Windows)

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  1. I really liked this! It was a lot of fun, a great quick run ‘n’ gun.

    Thanks dev, for the good time and all!

    ^Made a playthrough. Lumps Plays uses a unique form of Pop-Up commentary exclusive to Lumps Plays! Check it out :D

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