Spur – Game Jam Build Download


Spur is a short, adrenaline filled pixel art action game that sees you fending off attacking aliens whilst trying to move a large weapon into range of attacking their mothership.

Created for TOJam 10, Spur takes just a few minutes to play through, but is an action-filled experience from start to finish, as you hack/slash and shoot your way through waves of attacking aliens.  To complete your mission you have to manage your time between fending off enemy attacks and moving the massive weapon.  Get the weapon to it’s goal and you’ll be able to blast the mothership out the sky, and save your medieval village from the alien menace.

It’s a fun, action packed romp with excellent pixel art animation and audio design.  Pick up your sword and send those ET’s home!

Check Out A Quick Playthrough HERE

Download Spur HERE (Win Only – Requires Xbox 360 Controller)