Squadron 51 – Beta Demo

Squadron 51 is a 1950’s black and white Sci-Fi B-movie styled side-scrolling shoot ‘em up with a ludicrous plot about an alien invasion and suitably silly live-action cutscenes.

Squadron 51 takes place in a version of the 50’s where aliens have come to earth and offered an alliance with humans to help build a better future. However, it’s not long before the aliens show their true colors and attempt to oppress the human race. In the midst of this a team of brave pilots called Squadron 51 rise up and fight back against the aliens and their flying saucers.

The actual side-scrolling shooter gameplay in Squadron 51 isn’t particularly innovative, but it’s got tons of style. It really nails the 50’s black and white movie aesthetic and there’s plenty of eye-candy as you blast the alien menace. The live-action cutscenes are a lot of fun too, with lots of over the top acting and a delightfully silly plot. It all makes for a very entertaining and unique side-scrolling arcade shooter that makes you smile while you shoot.

Download The Squadron 51 Beta Demo Here (Steam)