SQUAKE – Steam Beta Key Giveaway!


As you may of already guessed from the name, SQUAKE is a fun blend of Snake and Quake that pits cute little trains against each other in 10 unique arenas filled with traps and power-ups in fast paced multiplayer combat.

The gameplay in SQUAKE is similar to Slither.io, with you constantly growing your train and attempting to get other trains to crash into your tail. It’s much more than just a Slither.io clone though and has been in development for over three years. SQUAKE draws on the multiplayer deathmatch elements that made Quake so popular, with power-ups, traps and a nice selection of different game modes (deathmatch, team towers, domination, capture the flag and endless). In a nice touch, you can also customize your little choo choo train with lots of different types of smoke that’ll come puffing out your smokestack.

It’s a fun looking game, with bright and cheerful visuals,and fast paced train on train combat. If you like a bit of Quake in your Snake, grab a key and climb aboard the Beta now!

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