SSTR – Alpha Demo

SSTR is a first person Sci-Fi horror puzzle adventure which sees you trapped aboard a mysterious colony spaceship that’s controlled by an AI which is trying to kill everybody onboard.

In SSTR you are a lone protagnist on a spaceship whose corrupted AI is attempting to murder everybody onboard. To escape and survive you’ll need to explore the ship, solve self-contained puzzles and construct tower defense-esque defenses to protect you from bot attacks.

The current build of SSTR features four separate self contained demo missions, three of which are puzzles and one of which is a tower defense survival mission. Mission 1,2 and 4 are each self-contained puzzles which sees you searching the area for clues to find a four digit code that will help you escape. The third mission (the tower defense survival mission) is the weakest of the bunch and just amounts to you placing turrets on the floor and hiding at the back of a room. It does a good job of showing how the survival sections of the game will work through.

SSTR really impresses with its high quality audio and visual design. Each environment is exquisitely detailed and you’ll have to search each one very carefully to discover the hidden clues. The puzzles are cleverly designed, but they can also be very tough (the second and fourth levels especially) so some players may end up bouncing off it, which would be a shame as it really shows a lot of promise.

Download The SSTR Alpha Demo Here (Windows)