St. Orchint’s Orphanage – Game Jam Build

St Orchints orphanage

St. Orchint’s Orphanage, a Paper’s, Please-esque game made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you running an orphanage and managing child labor in the time of war.

Each month you get requests from the government. They need everyone, even the orphans, to help out with the war. They are looking for new trained military children and a sum of money to go towards the war efforts. The government does not care about your expenses or the welfare of the children. They only care about their requirements being met. If you are unable to do this, you will be shut down.

You must put the children to work, training some of them for the military and forcing the others to work in a variety of hazardous environments.  Chimney sweeps pay more than sweatshops, but the risk for the children is much greater. Children will die at work. Others will be taken into the army. You must balance the children you have and where they will go. If you do not let enough children work or take the higher paying jobs, you will not have enough money for food or for medicine, let alone the government’s high requirements.

St. Orchint’s Orphanage does hit deep, as you will receive letters from the children at your orphanage. Their slanted, misspelled letters telling how they feel or what their issues are. At the end of the day, you just need to balance your books, but at what cost?

Play St. Orchint’s Orphanage Here (Browser)