STACK – Game Jam Build Download

STACK Game Download

STACK is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you attempt to pile up objects into a giant tower so you can reach a mysterious floating island in the sky.

There’s a strange floating island in the sky that you’ve always been forbidden to go to, but everyone seems to have gone missing, so now’s your chance to check it out. There is a problem though, the island is waaaaay up in the sky and you have no means of flying up there – the only thing for it is to grab as many building materials as you can and stack them all into a massive tower for you to climb!

You start the game with a few boxes and a building platform, but that’s not really going to get you far. Thankfully, as there’s nobody around at the moment, you’ll be able to borrow their furniture (and even their doors) and use them as construction material for your stack. Once stacked, the items stick to the tower like glue so you don’t need to worry about them falling off or the tower falling over, but you have to be careful to build it in such a way that if you fall off you’ll be able to clamber back up again.

STACK’s simple build-as-you-go premise makes for an addictive, fun and occasionally frustrating (depending on your building skills) tower scaling platforming experience. You’ll need some real building skills and platforming skills to reach that mysterious forbidden island!

Download STACK Here (Windows)