STAND-ALONE is a beautifully animated 2D roguelite action platformer where a robot resurrects dead sheep to fight back against an army of evil wolves.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta, STAND-ALONE set in a futuristic world where wolves opress a civilization of sheep. You are a robot which was part of a cutting edge research protect that was attacked by the wolves. Now the sheep are all dead or captured, but you have the ability to take control of their bodies and fight back.

It’s a very polished game with beautiful pixel art animation, fast and fluid combat, and a nice selection of unlockables. The progression system is pretty standard roguelite fare (a branching pathway of battles followed by a boss fight), but it’s very entertaining anyway and the story is pretty interesting. A sheepy roguelite that’s not baaad at all!

Download The STAND-ALONE Beta Demo Here (Steam)