STANDBY – Beta Download


STANDBY is a fast paced and very stylish N++ style speedrun focused platformer that has you racing through intense, hazard-filled levels as fast as you can.

This slick minimalistic platformer requires some quick thinking and quick reflexes as you try to collect circles and complete the levels as fast as possible. As you race through each level, sections of the level are different colors. Red highlighted areas will kill you, blue allows you to force jump parallel to the platform, and yellow blocks must be destroyed by dashing into them or shooting them. Once you start moving it is hard to stop, and it’s in your interest to find a fast, flowing route through the level as you attempt to shave seconds off your time.

To help you out, when you are at critical moments in the game, everything slows down slightly, giving you the chance to correct your characters positioning and making it out in one piece. This current build of STANDBY only has 9 levels, but each level shows you a new aspect of the game and gives you a new challenge to take on. Your reactions will be put to the test as you jump, dash, and shoot your way through everything.

STANDBY really impresses with its slick and stylish visuals, its clever level design and fast, flowing precision parkour platforming gameplay. Super cool precision platforming that really makes you think on your feet.

Download the STANDBY Beta Here (Win Only)