Star Citizen – Open Alpha Free Fly Event

Buckle up pilots! Star Citizen is having another Open Alpha event and this time you’ll get a chance to test all 70 of the game’s current spaceships and vehicles for free!

As we mentioned during the last Open Alpha event, Star Citizen is a very ambitious massively multiplayer space trading and combat game that has gathered an astronomical amount of backing via crowdfunding (currently over $200 Million). The development process seems to have been taking forever, but the devs efforts are starting to bear fruit and it’s starting to feel like a real game.

The latest Open Alpha will last for a week (today until Nov 30th) and will allow players to take every single ship and vehicle in the game for a spin, completely free (aside from the exclusive ones). There are 70 ships/vehicles in total, broken up between seven manufacturers, and each day of the open Alpha event you’ll be able to test out a different manufacturers ships/vehicles. You can find a full list of the ships/vehicles and when they’re available here and apparently there will be some surprises in store for those who “make the trek out to Hurston and see what Lorville’s all about”.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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    • Hi! Yeah the free Alpha even was only for a week, looks like you’ve missed it. They’ll probably hold another one again though.

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