Star Crusade CCG – Open Beta (Steam)

Star Crusade

Star Crusade CCG, a game being created by Xim Inc., is an Early Access digital collectible card game (or CCG) that aims to take Sci-Fi CCG genre to the next level.

The game handles much like hearthstone, but set in the darkest reaches of space. A star gate has opened and a new threat approaches your homeland. With your tactical knowledge of modern warfare you must assemble an army to take down the encroaching armada before they can wipe out everything in the cosmos.

Each car in Star Crusade CCG is drawn to absolute perfection, add that to the sound effects that play as you deploy or attack and you have a very polished and stylish CCG. There are several different classes to play, each with unique abilities and class cards to use. At first it is tricky learning what each special trait on a card will do, but as you battle it out with other players you will slowly come to terms with each aspect of the cards and assemble your own deck to stop everything thrown at you.

People may see this as a clone, but it’s much more than that. For a game that’s only in early access it’s very impressive the amount of polish and creativity that has gone into it. Star Crusade CCG is really shaping up to be an excellent CCG that could send you into the cosmic array of the future of online card games.

NOTE: To buy multiple packs of cards (5, 10, 20 or 50 packs to be precise) you must use real currency to do so (IN USD). The single packs can be obtained with in-game currency!

Download The Star Crusade CCG Beta Here (Steam)