Star Hearts: Launch Point – Kickstarter Demo

Star Hearts: Launch Point is a beautifully animated 2D pixel art open world action adventure that draws inspiration from classics such as Mega Man and Metroid.

In Star Hearts: Launch Point you set out on an interstellar adventure to eliminate hostile infestations in alien worlds. You have a main mothership where you can chat to the crew, hone your skills and choose your mission. Then you can jump in your landing ship and embark on adventures on alien planets. You can switch between different forms which have different abilities and attacks and throughout the game you’ll unlock new forms that will aid your adventure.

The Star Hearts: Launch Point demo features the mothership area and one large alien planet mission. The gameplay is fast, fluid and challenging. It only takes a few hits to kill you, but you have a limited amount of spawn points that you can place wherever you like. There are also often multiple routes through the level, with you able to use different abilities to traverse them.

It could perhaps do with a stronger narrative, but gameplay-wise and visually Star Hearts: Launch Point is shaping up to be a fantastic game. The 8-bit inspired pixel art style and vibrant color palette are very striking, the level design is very creative and the gameplay is challenging and fun. Highly recommended.

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