Star Runner – Game Jam Build

Star Runner is a charming little retro Sci-Fi platforming adventure where you make your way through a damaged solar observatory and attempt to repair the reactor core before it falls into the Sun.

In Star Runner you control a little pudgy astronaut who must make their way through a damaged solar observatory full of deadly laser beams and automated hazards. You need to reach the reactor and stabilize it, but to do so you need to grab keycards and other useful objects that will allow you to pass the various obstacles in your way.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Star Runner is a great little callback to classic ZX Spectrum/C64 era platformers like Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner (though nowhere near as brutally tough). While clearly more advanced than the ZX Spectrum/C64 could handle, the color scheme and art style is also fondly reminiscent of the ZX Spectrum/C64 era. A great little bite sized retro platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Play Star Runner Here (Browser)