Star Souls – Alpha Demo

Star Souls is a very tough FTL-esque roguelike space exploration game in which you attempt to pilot your fleet of spaceships across a deadly randomly generated galaxy.

In Star Souls you take control of a command ship and two smaller ships then attempt to make your way through a hostile galaxy. As in FTL you traverse from point to point on a randomly generated map, able to stop at shops or locations that have varying amounts of risk. When jumping to a new location you’ll be given a short briefing of what’s there and what your options are – often resulting in a battle or the occasional fortuitous event (possibly earning you credits or useful ship parts).

The battles are fast paced and dangerous affairs that can see your entire fleet wiped out if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can direct power to different systems in your ship and target specific ships, but you also have to deal with manoeuvring around the battlefield and the debris that’s floating around it. Where your ships are can be just as important as how powerful they are – particularly is a large asteroid is hurtling towards you!

Star Souls is still very early in development and could do with a little refinement in its combat systems, but it’s a promising game with addictive and challenging space exploration gameplay that looks set to scratch that FTL itch. The writing is great and the variety of upgrades and combat strategies is already very impressive. Your chances of success are very low, but not impossible – those are the type of odds we love to see in a roguelike!

Important Note: The battles can be pretty hectic, but remember you can freeze time at any point by pressing the Spacebar.

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