Star Traveller – Game Jam Build

Star Traveller Game

Star Traveller, an adorable little point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you trying to figure out how to unlock artefacts in nearby solar systems to help a little alien find a new home.

You start off Star Traveller with a single planet and a small alien. This alien is peaceful and is just searching for a new home as its one is dying. It’s set its sights on a nice, peaceful looking planet, but it’s protected by impenetrable shields. You need to prove you are peaceful by helping nearby planets, which will then reward you with three artefacts that will allow you to pass through the shields and reach your new home.

Each of the puzzles are quite simple – they are not meant to be challenging but instead meant to be a relaxing, fun experience. There are also other little environmental objects and planets that you can click on and interact with. Sometimes these show pleasant animations or playing a touch of new music.

Star Traveller wont take long to complete, but it’s a very pleasant experience, with charming visuals, vibrant colors and quirky Samorost-esque puzzles. A short and sweet little adventure about helping a little E.T. go home.

Visit The Star Traveller Ludum Dare Page Here

Play Star Traveller Here (Browser)