Star Warper – Game Jam Build

Star Warper

Star Warper, a bullet hell shooter made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, has you bending time and space to dodge bullets. In this game, you play as a ship that is fighting against games classic video game characters, such as Donkey Kong and Pac Man.

At first, you move forward in space, fighting off enemy ships. Like most bullet hell shooters, these ships shoot out patterns of bullets which you must dodge. Destroying the enemies will give you coins that will increase your score.  You also have a handy time warping ability which allows you to slow down time and warp to another part of the screen. Not only is this useful when avoiding walls, but it also helps to avoid bullets when cornered.

Old school bosses also dot around the game. Donkey Kong, who throws barrels at you, is the first boss you will see. You must shoot back Donkey Kong’s barrels so that they smash him instead of you. Other bosses like Pac Man create quite a challenge, though there are power ups along the way that can add different weaponry to your ship, helping you out a lot. It’s a tough but addictive little game in which you must defeat old school games in this modern day bullet hell.

Play Star Warper in your Unity Supported browser HERE