Star Wars: Docking Bay 94 (Mos Eisley) – Tech Demo Download


Star Wars: Docking Bay 94 (Mos Eisley) is a highly detailed Unreal Engine 4 Powered scene that’s been created by devs at Obsidian (KOTOR 2 & The Stick of Truth), that allows fans to roam around Mos Eisley, soaking up the atmosphere and discovering it’s secrets.

Star Wars: Docking Bay 94 isn’t a game as such, more of an high fidelity interactive experience for Star Wars fans. You have a blaster that can shoot, but can’t really do any damage to the surroundings or the patrolling droids with it, it’s just for fun (much like the rest of the experience). The devs still plan to carry out some more work on Star Wars: Docking Bay 94, but the attention to detail is already remarkable, and there’s plenty of cool stuff to discover.

There are a selection of ships throughout the Mos Eisley docking bays, including tie fighters, an imperial shuttle, X-wings and of course the Millennium Falcon, all recreated in exquisite detail. You can also enter the Mos Eisley Cantina, and although there are no patrons in it, it’s still nice to walk around and soak up the atmosphere. It’s clearly taken a lot of hard work and dedication to create this remarkable work of passion that allows fans to fully immerse themselves in one of the most iconic settings in cinematic history – and there’s a VR version in the works too, which will be epic!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’ll need a fairly powerful PC to play Star Wars: Docking Bay 94, and when clicking play, it will most likely take at least 90 seconds to load (often longer) due to all the assets that have to load. The screen may look like it’s frozen, but please bear with it – it’s just loading.

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Download Star Wars: Docking Bay 94 – Mos Eisley Here (7.4GB Download)