Starborne: Sovereign Space – Alpha Download

Starborne: Sovereign Space is a massively multiplayer 4X real time strategy game in which thousands of players explore and expand their empires across the galaxy in games that climax every six months.

Massively multiplayer real time strategy games are nothing new, but Starborne: Sovereign Space brings beautiful 3D visuals, exploration, collectible cards and empire expansion to the genre. The current Alpha campaign will take place over 12 weeks and culminate in a decisive endgame, while the full game will feature campaigns that will take place over six months. Each campaign is an epic long term political struggle full of conflict, where the most powerful alliance (or alliance of alliances) wins.

Taking place entirely in real time, Starborne: Sovereign Space you take on the role of a a space commander and attempt to explore the galaxy, forge alliances, capture strategic points, sabotage enemy outposts, battle NPCs and other players, collect loot, build space stations and amass a fleet of spacecraft – all with an aim of helping your alliance become the biggest in the galaxy. There’s a massive variety of space stations you can build and the games collectible trading card system can greatly alter your chances of success in a battle.

Starborne: Sovereign Space is a pretty complex game, which may be a little intimidating to newcomers to the genre, but it has a lot to offer, with beautiful visuals, deep strategic gameplay and space warfare that takes place with thousands of other players in a massive galaxy. Grand strategy on a truly epic scale.

Download The Starborne Sovereign Space Alpha Here (Windows)