StarBreak – Open Beta

StarBreak game

StarBreak is a great new Castlevania-inspired roguelike action platforming MMO, in which dozens of players can team up and battle diverse enemies and bosses across procedurally generated game worlds.

Currently in Beta with new updates every week, StarBreak impresses with it’s luscious visuals, engaging combat and huge selection lot loot.  Players team up and take on missions via the central hub.  These missions feature procedurally generated levels, set across seven diverse zones with challenging boss fights.  The combat in StarBreak is deliberately more strategic than your normal run and gun shooter with you having to prioritise between moving and shooting, and there’s plenty of weaponry to try out too.

It’s a fun game, that offers a unique massively multiplayer experience in a genre that usually just offers local co-op at most.  A loot-filled strategic shooter that you can play with all your friends.

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