Starbuster – Alpha Demo

Starbuster is a slick Mega Man Zero inspired Sci-Fi action platforming adventure that follows an experimental android who attempts to defy his creators and shoot his way to freedom.

In Starbuster you take control of Alpha, an experimental android created for the nefarious Grey Imperium. You’re a powerful weapon created for warfare against the Grey Imperium’s enemies, but you’re not to keen on working for them and soon try to make your escape. You now have to overcome the defenses in facility you were built in and shoot your way to freedom.

The current build of Starbuster features three large levels, with a nice amount of challenge and variety, with various different types of enemy to deal with, hazards to avoid and bosses to dispatch. Alpha has a nifty saber for melee attacks, a gun for ranged attacks and a powerful special ability, all of which can be modified with various stackable and interchangeable mods hidden throughout the levels. This allows for quite a versatile load-out and he’s quite agile too, capable of double-jumping, wall-jumping and dangling from hangbars.

Even in these early stages of development Starbuster is a very slick and polished experience that really impresses with its classic action platforming gameplay and stylish 2D visuals. It’s a lot of fun and feels like an evolution of the Mega Man Zero games, with fast paced gameplay, responsive controls and creative level design. Highly recommended.

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download The Starbuster Alpha Demo Here (Link on Right Side of Page)