Starcatcher – Game Jam Build Download

Starcatcher is an inventive little gravity-bending puzzle platforming adventure that’s controlled with just one button.

Created for the 1-Button Jam 2022, Starcatcher is a clever little puzzle platformer where you control your character by holding X to walk forward and releasing X to jump. Crucially, your little spaceman won’t fall off edges if he walks across them – he’ll stick to the other side and continue walking (do you can walk right around a platform). You can also press X while in mid-air to do a ground pound and change your direction.

Starcatcher really manages to squeeze a lot of gameplay out of its simple single-button controls. The gravity-bending gameplay combined with some creative level design makes for a delightful little puzzle platformer that offers a surprising amount of challenge. Highly recommended.

Controls: X – Everything

Available On: Windows, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Starcatcher Here