Starcatchers – Game Jam Build Download

Starcatchers Game Download

Starcatchers, a stylish, minimalist dual control puzzle game made for the Fantasy Console Game Jam, has you maneuvering stars around obstacles by keeping them intersected by two people’s line of site.

In Starcatchers you control two characters on the screen, both looking out at stars. When their lines of sight intersect, a small square appears, showing the exact point. As you move their heads and change their line of vision, this box moves along with it. You must guide this cross section of your vision to a star on the screen, then bring the star to the heart that sits between the two characters. Some levels have more than one star to guide back, others have blocks that are floating in the air (or moving around) which can block your line of vision and reset the two characters to looking at each other.

If you break your line of site with the other character, the star stays where your lines last crossed, so you must pick it back up and continue to bring it to your heart. There are a variety of levels in Starcatchers which get more challenging as you proceed. It’s an interesting game with a unique control scheme and can even be played with two players if you want more of a challenge. A fun little game, well worth fixing your gaze on.

Note: Starcatchers can run on the VectorBoy, a fantasy games console that is easy to use and comes packaged with the game!

Download Starcatchers Here (Windows)