StarCrawlers Chimera – Kickstarter Demo

StarCrawlers Chimera is a turn-based first person cyberpunk dungeon crawler where you fight your way through a futuristic research facility filled with experimental abominations, guards and robotic defenses.

Taking place in the same universe as the well received StarCrawlers, StarCrawlers Chimera is an Eye of the Beholder style grid-based dungeon crawler with tactical turn-based combat and movement. Your goal is to infiltrate a Chimera Megacorp facility and eliminate the nefarious Dr. Cerberus. Along the way you’ll blast your way through Dr. Cerberus’ army of robots, guards and mutant creatures, collecting lots of lovely loot along the way.

It’s a very promising take on the classic tile-based first person dungeon crawler and it’s nice to see more of the StarCrawlers universe. See if you can survive all that Dr. Cerberus has in store for you!

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