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Stardrop is a slick, story driven first person adventure game that takes place in the vast reaches of space.

In the Alpha Demo of Stardrop, you play as Aryn Vance, one part of a two person team that is on a mission to uncover the mystery of a spaceship that has been left floating out in space. After primary scans are conducted on the SD-01 it is clear that very little is known of this ship. Your pilot and partner on the mission, John Kindley, is an expert in ship design and admits that even he has never seen a ship quite like SD-01 before. With no signs of life aboard the vessel John attaches your ship to SD-01 and for the first time you venture of your own ship in search of the answers of the missing crew and the ships origins.

The creators of this game, Team V, have done an amazing job with bring the characters and game to life. Even though this is only a tech demo of the first chapter of the game, you can clearly see that have put their blood, sweat and tears into this project. The design team, built up of Illdar Sitdykov and James Morgan, have a remarkable attention to detail when it comes to the insides of the main ship, and even the never-ending black abyss (otherwise known as Space) outside of the ship are simply breath-taking.

Robert Ducat and Aryn Rozelle play John and Aryn respectively in Stardrop and you can clearly hear the chemistry these two share while in the game yourself. Their voices bring such depth and meaning to both John and Aryn and we could just sit still on the ship and listen to these two go back and forth with each other over and over again.

Although here do seem to be a few sinister elements (especially the creepy androids), this isn’t a horror game, this is a beautiful action adventure game that allows players to uncover the many mysteries of space.  The leader of the development team (Joure Visser) should be extremely proud of himself and his team for their efforts in bringing such an epic narrative piece to fruition. The Stardrop Alpha Demo really impresses, as you experience the sheer beauty of space, an intriguing story and some witty humour thrown in for good measure.  A promising sci-fi adventure well worth checking out.

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Download the Stardrop Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)

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