Starfall Tactics – Open Alpha

Starfall Tactics is a spectacle-filled massively multiplayer RTS game in which you assemble and customise your own spaceship flotilla and take part in epic battles as three warring factions of humanity attempt to dominate a galaxy.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha, Starfall Tactics features glorious Unreal Engine 4 powered battles in a galaxy which has become the new home of the human race. After fleeing their dying planet, they may have conquered interstellar space travel, but it seems that humanity still hasn’t mastered the art of getting along with each other, with three rival factions forming hellbent on dominating the galaxy. You’ll be able to fight epic RTS battles using a variety of ships, from small frigates to massive dreadnaughts. Each of these ships are highly customizable, from the hull down to the individual engines and you’re able to evolve your fleet by unlocking new parts and finding rase ship modules.

Starfall Tactics features quick PvP skirmishes that can last around 15 minutes to massive clan wars that can play out over weeks. Unlike in most games, all the projectile combat is calculated in real-time, so you can move your ships out of the way of incoming fire rather than just watch an animation of you getting hit. It also features a comprehensive damage system, with energy shields protecting against energy-based weapons, armor protecting against physical damage and your ships structure maintaining your internal ship systems. The ships feature modular destruction too – so you can target specific systems in them, taking out engines or weapon systems to make them easy to pick off.

It’s a very impressive take on the massively multiplayer RTS genre, with high levels of customisation, great attention to detail, gorgeous visuals and tactical battles that play out in true real-time. Enlist now to prove your worth in this galaxy at war.

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