StarFighter – Beta Demo

StarFighter Game

StarFighter, is a fun new vertically scrolling shoot-em-up in which you research and develop spaceships before testing them out in the field.

You have just been promoted to head of Research and Development for StarFighter Incorporated! This company used to make the best starfighters in the galaxy until budget cuts started to happen. They are hoping to make it back to the top by hiring you to research, design, and test their ships!

You start off with a basic ship which you are able to use in the testing facility to earn research points. In the testing facility you’ll fight against enemy ships and bosses to see how long your ship design lasts, with your success dependent on your shoot-em-up skills and the design of the ship.

Depending on how well you do, you will be rewarded with research points. These points can then be used to research different technology for the ship. There are a few different categories; the body of your ship, the weapons, the wings, and an orb (that flies around your ship), each of which you can equip differently as you strive to create the perfect starfighter.

The parts available are limited in the Beta Demo, but the blend of ship building and enemy blasting is great fun and full of possibilities. Can you build the perfect spaceship?

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