Stargazer – Game Jam Build Download


Stargazer is a beautiful stargazing puzzle adventure in which you explore an icy world at the end of its life and solve puzzles to unravel the story of the men of the stars.

Played entirely with the mouse, you walk with the left mouse button and interact with campfires with the right mouse button.  You start the game alone, in a desolate icy tundra and are told to follow the star in the sky.  As you follow the star, you’ll come across campfires in procedurally generated locations close to your path (you’ll have to keep an eye out for them). Right clicking on one of these campfires then causes you to look up into the sky and start a join-the-dots puzzle section, in which you must join all the stars but not go over the same connection twice.  Solve these puzzles and you’ll be rewarded with another piece of the story about this world at the brink of death.

Exploring the lonely icy tundra and solving the puzzles of the stars is a beautiful, relaxing and rather sad experience.  A puzzle adventure that feels akin to The Witness (although in a far more condensed form). A stargazing puzzler that’s well worth checking out.

Download Stargazer Here (Windows Only)