Starlight – Student Game

Starlight is a beautiful and bizarre little narrative driven first person adventure that sees you climbing a tower at the end of the world to receive a wish from a mysterious god.

The world has ended and all that is left is a large white tower populated with a few survivors and a wish granting god who lives at the summit. On the way up the tower you meet other survivors who are going through the various stages of grief (shock, denial, anger, etc.) and some of which may even block your way until you appease them. Your conversations and interactions with people as you climb the tower may then affect your decision when you reach the top of the tower.

Starlight is a very strange and otherworldly game that doesn’t really spell anything out to the player, instead leaving you to piece together a narrative via your conversations with the people you meet. This can lead to a little confusion, but it also makes for an interesting experience as you try to make sense of things while still shellshocked from the end of the world. What will you wish for?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Starlight Here (Windows)