Starlock – Game Jam Build

Starlock is a short and action packed Contra-esque retro side-scrolling shooter where you blast your way through three challenging levels of arcade action.

Crated for the Major Jam 3, Starlock is an excellent little old school arcade action platformer where you make your escape from a strange facility after waking up in a suspension tube. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, with you able to run ‘n gun much like in a Contra game. There are a few different weapon power-ups to collect and although it’s quite a short game, it’ll take a few attempts to beat as it’s pretty tough (particularly the train section).

It’s a simple, but well crafted little retro arcade action platforming romp with excellent pixel art animation, great audio and level design that offers a real challenge. A great little bite sized arcade adventure well worth checking out.

Play Starlock Here (Browser)