StarMade is an impressive Minecraft inspired 3D sandbox space shooter that allows you to build and pilot gigantic spaceships and explore the galaxy.

The customisation and ship building aspects of the game are truly impressive, allowing you to build ships and massive space stations using minecraft style building techniques.  You’ll then be able to kit out your ship with customised weaponry, shields, salvage and stealth technology.  This can all be done in multiplayer too, allowing you to share control and design your ship together.

You can then explore the galaxy and fight enemy ships, using your ships arsenal of missiles, lasers and explosives, or you can board them and take them out from the inside.

Starmade is a wonderful sandbox game that could be described as ‘Minecraft in Space’, but really, it’s much more than that.  It’s an great game in it’s own right.

Visit the (already Greenlit) Greenlight page HERE

Join in the Open Alpha HERE