Stars in the Trash – Beta Demo

Stars in the Trash is a hand-animated narrative-driven platforming adventure where a spoiled house cat escapes from his house and has a life-changing adventure.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago, Stars in the Trash is a charming feline platforming adventure that draws inspiration from classic Disney movies. In the game you are Moka, a house cat who yearns for adventure. The family dog keeps thwarting his attempts, but one day a stray cat aids his escape…

The Stars in the Trash demo sees you spending a few days in Moka’s house prior to the escape, where he basically wanders around getting up to all kinds of feline mischief. This includes unravelling a toilet roll, having naps, fighting a vacuum cleaner and (of course) knocking things from high places.

It’s a delightful game with beautifully animated visuals and a wholesome stay with a lot of heart. The devs are clearly proud cat owners and all of Moka’s little feline idiosyncrasies are sure to draw a rye smile from any cat-lover. It’s shaping up to be a purrfect platforming adventure. Highly recommended.

Download The Stars in the Trash Beta Demo Here (Steam)