Startup Panic – Beta Demo

Startup Panic is an easily accessible but surprisingly deep business simulation game that plays like a more complex version of Game Dev Story as you build your one man software company into a Facebook-esque social media empire.

In Startup Panic you are a software designer who has decided to go it alone and start up their own software company. You start the game with you coding away in your bedroom, adding new features to your social media website and doing freelance work to pay the bills. As you progress you’re able to move into a new office, expand into different markets, hire staff, purchase furniture, train your staff, research new technologies and continue to add new features to your social media website.

The features that you develop of your social media website are your main source of income, but it’s no use just churning out new features with no quality control – releasing crappy, buggy features will actually cost you money. You need trained and motivated staff, but also have to make sure you have enough money to pay the bills.

The current build of Startup Panic features around an hour’s worth of gameplay and really impresses with its charming pixel art animation, easily accessible gameplay and deep business management gameplay. It’s the game you wish Game Dev Story actually was, offering a much deeper and strategic take on software start-up business management than Kairosoft’s addictive but shallow take on the genre. Well worth checking out to see if you’ve got the savvy to manage your own startup company.

Download The Startup Panic Beta Demo Here (Windows)

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