Starway Fleet – Beta Demo (Steam)

Starway Fleet Game Download

Starway Fleet is a slick and stylish style space combat game that sees you fighting in epic space battles with up to a hundred fighting ships using a nimble X-Wing style starfighter.

In Starway Fleet you play a new fighter pilot who’s assigned to a fleet, who must take part in a variety of different reconnaissance, interception, escort and rescue missions as you attempt to make a name for yourself in the Universe. It features quick missions with a focus on getting you into the action as quick as possible – so no boring cutscenes or pre-mission briefings, just jump into your ship and start blasting!

Starway Fleet will be playable in single player or online multiplayer (though multiplayer is unavailable in the current build) and features fast paced and easily accessible space combat fondly reminiscent of the X-Wing games (and Star Wars-style space battles in general). Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen may have the epic space simulator market sewn up, but Starway Fleet is ideal if you’re looking for something a bit more immediate. Perfect for quick and fast paced bouts of space blasting fun.

Download The Starway Fleet Beta Demo Here (Steam – DL Link On Right Side of Page)