Stately Groan – Game Jam Build

Stately Groan is a very funny little point and click adventure with a very irreverent British sense of humor, which puts you in the role of a tour guide who must discover mysteries of an old English stately home and search for the dead bodies of two of his predecessors.

Due to the mysterious disappearance of two people who had the job before you, you have recently landed a tour guide job at Didling Manor, an old English manor with a lot of history hidden within its walls. It’s your job to wander around, get acquainted with the history of the manor, chat to the visitors and to find the two (presumed) dead bodies of your two predecessors.

There’s a surprisingly large amount of narrative and gameplay packed into the modest sized mansion of Stately Groan. It’s fully voice acted, with lots of quirky characters to meet and it’s packed full of cleverly designed puzzles. It’s very much an old school point and click adventure though so you may have to do some pixel hunting and some puzzles have some rather weird solutions.

It’s a great retro point and click adventure with a wonderfully witty sense of humor and lots to discover within its strange old stately home. The oddball characters are all very funny and your character’s observations and ruminations are particularly enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Download Stately Groan Here (Windows)