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Remember those creepy angel statues from Doctor Who that only moved when you weren’t looking?  Well Statues is a freaky horror game based on that very premise – if you blink or turn your back, they’ll be coming for you!

Your character has had an irrational fear of statues since childhood, or at least it used to be an irrational fear, now it’s a perfectly valid fear, as you wake up in a strange place where the statues have come to life.  Stare at them and they’ll be frozen in place, but turn your back or blink (you have to blink whenever your blink-o-meter depletes) and they’ll be after you like a shot.

The character models for the statues could do with a little more work, as at the moment they look a little more metallic than stone-like, but it’s a great premise, especially when played in hard mode.  Much like the animatronics in Five Nights At Freddy’s, the statues are relentless, and it’s always an unnerving experience when you’re forced to look away from them.  Stone has never been quite so sinister.

Note: After the first cutscene, the screen may go black.  This is a glitch, just wait and allow yourself to die and you’ll be able to see again.

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Download the Alpha Demo HERE

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