Stay Home – Game Jam Build

Stay Home is a powerful first person narrative adventure that sees you dealing with depression and agoraphobia with the aid of drugs, self-care and a very understanding friend.

In Stay Home you take on the role of someone who has recently had an unpleasant event in their live that has triggered their agoraphobia. This means you actively avoid places that may cause you to panic or make you feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed – often manifesting in people being unable to leave their house. You are keen to try and get outside and back to your normal life, but you’ll need a little time and a little help from your friend to make it happen.

Stay Home takes you through a full gambit of emotions during it’s 45 minute playtime – panic, fear, anger, confusion, sadness and happiness. The visual design is excellent, it has some fun little hidden-object puzzles and the narrative really gives you insight into the complexities of dealing with anxiety.

There’s are lots of factors that can help you open that front door, but by far the biggest in Stay Home is having a friend who understands what you’re dealing with – giving you encouragement without pressuring you and having your back when you need them. You’re the one who has to open that front door, but having a friendly face to open it for can make a big difference.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Stay Home Here (Windows)