Stay Safe – Beta Demo

Stay Safe is a super tough die n’ retry racing platformer that sees you attempting to pilot a futuristic anti-gravity racer through fiendishly designed tracks at breakneck speeds.

We first featured Stay Safe on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it was called TUBE and were very impressed with its fusion of futuristic racing and rage-quit platforming. As well as a name change, Stay Safe features upgraded visuals, a lot more polish and even deadlier tracks than its previous iteration.

Stay Safe plays like a blend of F-Zero and Super Meat Boy, with you racing through gravity defying futuristic tacks and dying a lot thanks to all the deadly hazards that are in them. You don’t race against an opponent, your only aim is to make it to the end of the level in one piece and hopefully with a fast time.

It’s a very cool game with super stylish futuristic visuals and intense reflex testing gameplay. You’ll die a lot, but thanks to the quick restart you’re back in the action in seconds and with a little practice and perseverance you’ll be able to pull off some incredible feats of driving skill. If you’re feeling brave enough you can even attempt to complete the “Ultimate No Death Challenge”, with the person who completes the whole demo in the fastest time without dying winning a Stay Safe controller and a game console of their choice. Good luck, you’ll need it!

Tips: Barrel Roll with LT & RT. Pull Back during jumps to stay in the air longer.

Download The Stay Safe Beta Demo Here (Steam)