Stayin’ Alive – Alpha Demo (Steam)

stayin alive game download

Stayin’ Alive is a very silly asymmetric multiplayer game in which a team of wheelchair-bound retirees attempt to kill themselves while a team of nurses try their best to keep the old codgers alive.

Stayin’ Alive plays a little like an OAP version of Who’s Your Daddy, but instead of being 1v1, it features teams of four facing off against each other. The cantankerous wheelchair-bound retirees need to scout the area to find items that they can craft together that they can use to off themselves – such as combining lighters with gas cans to set themselves on fire or combining three different types of erectile dysfunction medicine to die by ’Superboner’. The nurses on the other hand need to run around finding the correct life saver tools to save their lives, and sedating and confining them for their own good.

It’s still early in development so can be a little bit buggy, but it’s great fun, especially when playing as a retiree. It plays a little like a big game of hide and seek, but with the added bonus of suicidal old people trying to top themselves. It requires real teamwork and cooperation as you players attempt to distract the other team or co-ordinate suicides and rescues. It’s well worth checking out for some silly suicidal fun. Why hang around waiting to die of old age, when you can die by superboner instead?

Download The Stayin’ Alive Alpha Demo Here (Link on Right Side of Page)