Staying Together – Open Beta

Staying together game

Staying Together is a simple premise, expertly done – a charming multi-character puzzle platformer that takes you on a journey through a couple’s relationship, and sees you playing co-operatively with yourself.

You control both characters (a boy and a girl) simultaneously, using the same controls but with each character moving in the opposite direction (so press ‘A’ and the boy will move left, but the girl will move right).  The boy and the girl start at different points on a level, then must work out a way of uniting at the finish point.

Things start off fairly easy, but the difficulty level soon ramps up thanks to some fiendishly clever level design.  It’s worth pointing out that no matter how many times you die it’s unlikely that you’ll get stressed out, thanks mainly to the wonderfully relaxing soundtrack that instantly soothes any frustrations, and the short levels that keep you coming back for one more go.

Controlling multiple characters with opposite controls has been seen before, but never executed quite as well as in Staying Together.  The wonderful visual style, chilled out musical score and intelligent level design makes for an addictive puzzle platformer that leaves you with a warm feeling inside.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available